Custom Glass & Ceramic Screen Printing

Kapan-Kent has been a current leader in custom screen printing of glass and ceramic for over 50 years. We take pride in our efforts to give each client the personal customization of their design to ensure a unique custom piece for your design.


We use real 22K gold and real palladium paints to achieve a look called Two Tone. This process creates both shiny and matte textures that bring a unique sophisticated look to your design.

Texture screenprint drinkware


Texture is created when combining very fine sand and ground up crushed glass. This process produces a unique 3D effect that enhances the design. It can be applied on any color when printing on ceramic or glass.


The reverse frost technique is achieved by screening a design on glassware, using a frosting process to create a two dimensional effect. This procedure gives the result of both a clear and frosted design to your ware.


A porthole is a technique where we create various window shapes on the front of the glass so that when viewed, one can see the design on the back of the ware. The design can be viewed from both front and back.

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